Pack: 5 islands of Indonesia

5 islands in Indonesia

Pack: 5 islands of Indonesia

Are you going on an adventure to discover Indonesia? Hope you are ready for the best trip of your life! After 3 years of nomadic life it is clearly our favorite country. Each island is like a different country to discover.

To help you get organized, this pack includes guides to these 5 islands:

  • BALI
  • SUMATRA (+The island of Maratua in Borneo)
Created by melly_ba

What is in the guide?

Part 1: Introduction

The guide starts with general practical information:


Currency and exchange rates


When to go and season


Internet: sim card


Conditions of entry into the country


What to bring in your suitcase


Travel insurance


Links to all my saved Googlemaps points

Part 2: The steps

Then, each stage of the itinerary is detailed page by page, with of course numerous supporting photos:


How to get there

Recommended time on site






Contacts to book


Hotel recommendations for all budgets


Recommendations of the restaurants where we enjoyed

Possible contraindications for what we did not like.

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Your turnkey trip and a considerable time saver

Don't waste hours reading 10 different blogs, we've done all the research so you can have everything in one place. All you have to do is choose the steps you prefer according to your time and your available budget!

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Interactive guide

The guide is an interactive pdf file (with clickable links) that you can save and view from your phone. It is a format adapted for mobile devices that can be scrolled like a site. Please don't print it ♻️


Access to my Google Maps points

All my restaurant addresses, viewpoints, beaches, or other points of interest are saved so that you can see what is around you at any time on Google Maps.


Access to lifetime updates

As soon as the guide is purchased, you will have free access to any updates!

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